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Sears Front Generator Attachment

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As some of you may recall I bought a sears 4000 watt generator over the summer and never got around to taking pics. Well I had a local welding shop make an extended muel drive channel, Then I bolted the generator down to it, and made sure the generator produced power. Got to thinking since it hangs out so far past the tractor that I needed to make some sort of bumper for it. I had a craftsman tiller for parts and came up with this. As you can see by the chipped part it is very helpful.:banghead3

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Nice job and it looks great.
looks like a cool old unit, good fab job. i would like to do the same thing with one of my extra tractors but also be able to interchange with a big water pump.
Looks like it would double as a good front counterweight when it is not being used to generate power, too!
Looks great! I am so jealous of good welders, but I too recognize my limitations and make good use of a local welder when needed.
One of these days I'll teach myself to weld better...
VERY cool attachment SSSkippy! Looks great on the ss16.
You know I think I have seen that somewere before

Good looking mount
looks good!
Thanks guys, my welding isn't anything to brag about but it gets the job done. The generator does make a nice counter weight when plowing, but not sure I would want to have in uncovered in dusty conditions. Haven't really used the generator for anything yet but I am sure it will be handy.
Why Not????????????
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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