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Sears fiberglass nose with rubber bummers

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This was a buddy's idea not mine but it works good if you have the whole lower grill on. This tractor is only used to mow with so the whole lower grill is always there.

I used rubber bummers off a door stop (it's what I had) but my buddy used glove box bummers from a car.

Here you can see them with the hood closed. It puts the weight were the fiberglass is a little stronger on the corner. You really have to get the right size bummers for it to work good. The ones I used are soft so they give a little when the hood is down almost like a little shock absorber.

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Looks like a good idea. If I ever get my SS/16 back together I may try it.
I've always kept a container of these things in my workshop. I harvest them off of old stereos, doors, et cetera, and throw them into the container. My better half has probably thought I'm a packrat for doing this, but there have been many times when these things are as good as gold. This is one of 'em.

Thanks for the great tip.
The guy at has a page that addresses a "fix" created by Wendell Dake. I see that topic was well discussed at this thread:

I tried to contact this Mr. Dake a few times over the past few years, both by email and by regular mail, but there were only dead-ends. I contacted the site owner a few months ago, and he likewise confirmed that he'd lost track of Mr. Dake.

Small Fry, you posted some photos at the above thread that for some reason have been removed. Any chance you can repost those? Many thanks.
Looks like a winner to me!
Or you could just go to Sears and get one of these,all you need is a time machine!(thanks for the tip!)


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Ill look and see if I can find the pics I got from Mr. Dake a few years ago....I was interested in his idea and did build a similar idea(i got enough pics and info from him to build my own!!).. mine was never completed by is in use...let me look for the pics..PS small fry, does it stop the hood from vibrating??? I got some that vibrate and kinda rattle do to worn hinges....
SearsTractorFan, I've seen your posts before, but I've never realized that the reason old Sears tractors are getting scarce is that you've got them all.
Yeah it takes any rattle out from worn hinges. It's also a good fix for non worn hinges. It just helps support the whole nose, worn or not.

The trick is, you have to get the right size bummer. To small it will not support the nose and still rattle if the hinges are worn. To big you could break the hinge closing the hood.


I'll look to see if I can find those old photos for Wendels brace. They are on a different computer then I'm using.

I use to talk with Wendel a few years back. He is in his 70's and got married back then. (good for him) He quit the tractor stuff after that.
ThePatriot: Have you considered using that photo as your avatar? Nobody can match it. For sure you'll have everyone wondering how you came up with a brand new grill. Don't tell me you had it in your 30-year-old photo album!
Nice! That gives me new motivation to finish my fiberglassing my grill. Thanks Smallfry!
ThePatriot: Have you considered using that photo as your avatar? Nobody can match it. For sure you'll have everyone wondering how you came up with a brand new grill. Don't tell me you had it in your 30-year-old photo album!
It came with my "77 16/6.It was bought new at Sears many years ago and never used.I'm not sure if i could bring myself to use,or sell it :fing20:
Guswah, I dont have them all, id like to own them ALL.....I fear that will be impossible....Their like drugs to me, I see one at a decent price and I gotta take it home even if I already got it.....Heck Ive even bought them as parts machines and then fixed the parts machine.....(yes I have that many parts!)....Man wish I could come across a NOS grill for these!!!! I bought a nice one about 6 years ago that was new in 95 and was mounted a hood and I gave $50 for it!! hehe and I complained about the price then!!!
ThePatriot: Your original nose piece might be the only one in existence in mint shape and could be used to create a matrix for reproduction. I'm of the same mind as SearsTractorFan, although my tractors now both have decent ones. For all the greatness of these Craftsmans, this was just about the only design flaw that we can ***** about, and a remedy sure would be nice.
ThePatriot, I forgot to ask if your "new" grill is fiberglass or aluminum.
I wonder if mine could be used for a mold?Also,any idea's what it's worth NIB?(just curious!)
The only reason I suggested yours would make a good mold is that it's likely free of flaws. I imagine any working grill would do, but there'd be a bit more work in developing the matrices since imperfections would need to be corrected.
Again, I forgot to ask if yours is aluminum or fiberglass. As to its worth, well, whatever you can get for it. Decent ones on eBay go for $50 to a couple hundred bucks. I'd pay $200 for a good one since the cost of modifying a broken one would be almost that much in terms of time and labour.
I've seen all sorts of good lucking and ugly (but effective) fixes for this issue. I HATE working with fiberglass, I ended up using JB weld to repair the stress cracks and sanded for paint. Some of the metal bracket brace arms that I've seen people screw to the inner and outer grille, if it's not too cracked and there's some meat left, seams to work nicely. My hinges were cracked, and the bolt slots were ovaled out. Probably not the "best fix", but I resurfaced them with JB weld and used metal brackets.

Rubber bumpers seem like a good support if your using the tractor at a pitch, or to reduce wear when opening and shutting the hood for a balanced shut. I have a small box of these, I'm gonna give it a go.

I'm not sure if it's the same guy, but I found someone last year in Tennessee(don't have any contact info) that was selling repair kits. Price tag scared me off though.. That original piece is a trip! Never seen that before. I agree, that would make a great mold. Would be awesome to see it re- produced using a different material more sturdy material.

Plus, there would be a good market for them based on the high volume of Sears guys that have this problem. Could look into having it duplicated and selling them, just a suggestion :fing32:
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