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Sears FF 24 barn find

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sears ff24 barn finds


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What are the odds... You're in PA!!!!!

Great find!

Great find!! It looks in good shape too!
the biggest part I need is a hood
SCORE!! You did great!
Thanks !!
North Strabane Twp
PM sent
That was a nice find! What are your plans with it?
One of the FF24 will be getting a Front end loader, the other a Brush Hogg
head lights??
I guess I will look for one more for parts!!
I'm still looking for a Front end loader
I have a 1981 FF24. Runs great, but needs a new steering gear or fix. Has plow, box scraper, disc, extra rear tires and 50" cutting deck. Are you still looking for parts or tractor or know anyone that might be? Any idea of value? Thanks in advance.

1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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