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So I have a Sears Custom 8E with a Tecumseh HH100 on it. I recently picked up a snow thrower attachment for $50 and its missing a few things. I would like to see some pictures if someone has them of the following things that I know I didnt get.

1. The brace bars from the bottom bracket back to the frame
2. The right side bracket for the rod that engages the blower
3. The left side bracket for the rod that you turn to change the chute position
4. The actual rod that you rotate for the chute position.

I have attached a couple pictures of what I got.


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Well I got some pics for you.

For the chute rotation rod.

This picture shows the bracket.

It mounts behind the "axle" on the left side while the frame for the snow blower mounts in front of the axle.

This is the push bar for chute rotation that came with my snow blower.

At the base of the rod it connects to the chute

For the right side of the tractor, there is a alternate pulley guard/cover to cover the "extended" three groove snow-blower drive pulley

This picture shows the back of the cover

This picture shows the front and the special pulley.

The rod that "engages" the snow blower "drive" is not original on mine. It was created from a 5/6 or 3/8 steel rod.

It is the rod on the right side of this picture

The "brace" bars for my snow blower are also not original. I can provide some pics if you want.

The picture below are the "brace" bars for my "custom" type dozer blade. I have to think the originals for the snow blower were somewhat similar.

Here it is together

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