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Sears 3 point drag blade

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3 point drag blade... Home made... Works great...


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Yea, it looks really useful, but,,, will it move bandsaw sawdust?? :dunno:

Looks very Hefty! I see you used the weldment from a Sears rear blade - Used it for the proper attachment :)
Isnt that more like a 1-point than a 3? I mean good work but, to me, it looks like it might flex under a heavy pull.
Skeer that is a real 3 point hitch in Sears special size. Slightly smaller than Cat 0. Roger
I didn't mean REAL real as in full sized. I mean a full 3 point.. like maybe weaker? **** I'm not verbalizing this well enough. Like all the stress is on that one center bar there. Of course I only have experience with my drag.
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I feel as though I should reiterate.. I'm def not knocking the work though. Nice fab skills.
The 3 point refer to the lower lift arms and the center link that connect to the attachment... Nothing to do with a single pivot pin on the plow. The real sears made rear grader is exactly the same functionally- one pivot pin, one angle pin
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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