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Sears 20% off issues???

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I am looking at the craftsman, and got excited with the 20% off 2 day sale, but the prices are what they have been, when you check out they stay the same, I called, and they said that, it is the sale price. That sale price has been there for months, is this 2 days sale bogus??
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Sears sales are a game (just like any clothing type department store will do), but as you found out sometimes a normal sale price may match the new type of sales price. There is a good chance that some accessories may be a slightly better deal right now (normally 10-15% sale prices)
I've never heard of a straight 20% off sales price (except possibly a closeout), but you can come close. Near quarterly, there are VIP/family-Friends sales nights that take an additional 10% off sales prices. You may be able to combine that with a ongoing rebate and/or an additional 5% by opening a Sears charge card, or as I did an 4% rebate through a shopping referral site (fatwallet) and purchased it with slightly discounted gift cards (Scrip, it also supports my HS alma matter)
There are also slightly more private Craftsman Club deals (free membership, but it takes a few weeks)
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