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Sears 12/6 starting problem

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I have a Sears 12/6 tractor, that i am having a starting problem with. I hooked in a battery, turned the key and got nothing. Both the solenoid and The starter work as i have already tested the starter, and the solenoid is brand new and wired correctly. All the fuses are good too. I didnt even get any reading form the amp gauge that it was drawing power when you first turn the key to on. Can someone post a wiring diagram for this tractor, i really want to get this thing running. Thanks!
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When you installed the new solenoid did you re connect the positive wire from the ignition switch to the solenoid lead? Because if you are turning the key and nothing happens that means the solenoid coil isn't being energized. There is a much smaller third lead hook up that you hook the ignition wire to. - Brad
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If you aren't getting at least a click, it's time to check the ignition switch or connector IF the fuses are good.
A fuse might have been good until you turned the key on.

Post the Sears 917.xxxxxx number to see if there's a schematic available.

Typically, the ignition key S terminal will deliver 12V through the clutch switch and then through a PTO/attachment switch and then to the solenoid.
Usually, it's a white wire.

In the mean time, you can jumper 12V to the small terminal of the solenoid and see if the engine cranks.
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Have you checked the safety switches?
Swapped battery leads? It's happened before, don't ask, lol.
I just found out this past weekend after scratching my head why the st12 wouldn't even click, there is a safety switch on the transmission, it has to be in neutral to start. The 16/6 and 19.9 doesn't have it.
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