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On the Mahindra website, I did a build your own on a MAX 25 XL HST.

It tells me that I can't have a front mount snowblower if I have a Mid Mount Mower deck. What???

Probably they mean you can’t mount them simultaneously?

Because the blower uses a mid-front-pto extension kit, the shaft would interfere with mower deck installation. Not that you ever would want to mount them at the same time, but maybe their “build” software is clunky and views these as incompatible attachments?

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That makes sense. I'm not sure, will have to visit the dealer to verify and get an accurate quote on what I need.

I'm looking elsewhere from Green. The difference in price from the "Build your own" to quoted price was $10K difference for what I wanted.

The Mahindra came highly recommended from a co-worker. Difference: his is a farm tractor (40 hp and above).

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That's what I found on my Kioti CS2210 SCUT. They both use the mid-PTO, so you can only attach one at a time.

I got the Kioti SB50 front blower, and I love it. Cal
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