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Scotts/Murray 15hp/42inch Kohler

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Just want to commend this simple machine. Bought in 1998 @ HD. Still runs perfect and cuts fine.(blades kept sharp) Replaced one drive belt and several deck belts. Replaced one spindle bearing and one idler pulley. Replaced one starter solenoid and 2 batteries. No engine teardown whatsoever (kohler Command) . replaced the trans oil once just for the heck of it ( Peerless hydrostat) Numerous flats, original balding,cracked turf tires, now all with tubes. I never thought it would last this long cutting 1.5 acres approximately every week in Florida during summer where you can practically see the grass grow. Deck has zero rust. I never hose it down, I store it under roof and use air pressure to clean debris out of the tractor. Great inexpensive design that holds up quite well.(So Far)I have learned to throttle down the engine before disengaging the blades or sometimes it will throw the belt. Doing this also keeps the mighty Kohler backfire minimized. Pretty happy with this purchase overall.
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Thanks for the review. Me, I'll own nothing but Murray's as long as I can. Very underrated equipment that I would put up against any in class machine made by any other manufacture. Cheap, dependable, easy to work on and most important of all, a quality cut.
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