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Nice find!
I got one. Hauls a pretty good load. The tires were replaced by the PO with 4 ply, so now with no air, it still carreis a pretty good load.
Replace the tailgate with a piece of plywood. It works. Not hinged, slides into the runners.
Easy to make a dump cart out if it. Check the Sears website for their dumping cart, then look at the instruction book. Only need 3 brackets that can be made in the garage. Uses the same axle, wheels, body, and pull beam.
Watch out for the carts' floor rusting out. Mine now has a metal patch pop riveted in. Good for another 20 years.
May want to fabricate a larger 'L' shaped bracket for just inside the rear tailgate wall, both sides. They tend to splay outwards, then the tailgate falls out.
Parts are still available at
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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