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Scored Some Firewood Today

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We had so much wood to move that my neighbor ended up loaning us his Ford 450 Dump Truck. If they came in orange, I might be tempted to buy one. Sure worked good with the B3030.


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See, you don't really need snow to have some fun in winter. :)
Want some help? I like the looks of that Kubota seat.:sidelaugh:sidelaugh:sidelaugh
Nice looking tractor.. Would be nice to own a dump truck like that.. I hope your keeping a good distance from those power lines. They like to jump out at loaders..
Power lines? Why we just walk right over them all the time.


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Nice score. What type of wood is it? I scored three pickup loads of dead elm a few weeks ago. Had to pick it up about 35 minutes away. Turns out the tree died of Dutch Elm disease and I have a nice size natural elm in my front yard. I called the ag. extension at UCONN and they told me I should burn it all before Spring to avoid spreading the disease. No way that was going to happen given it was still green. So I devised a plan given the Elm Bark beetle grubs that spread the disease winter over on the inside of the bark. I'm stipping all the bark off and burning that, plus using a propane torch to scorch the debarked wood just in case. Add to that how difficult it is to split elm and this free wood is costing me a lot of extra work. :banghead3
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Yeah, free firewood isn't really free.
The wood is swamp maple and red oak.
Talking about tree parasites. Wait until those Asia Long-Horned Beetles start to multiple. My understanding is that came here from China. The suckers ate right thru the shipping crates--yipes!
Holy moly! Is that all for personal use?
I scored some firewood too a while back, but it wasn't free
Holly crap - that load would last me 3-4 years I would guess - maybe longer.

Yes, free wood is work, even if you buy it cut and split, you still need to haul it to your storage area then in to the house to burn, and maybe move it around a few times in between. Burning wood is work, but it beats paying $3.60 gal for oil (price of my last delivery - still use it for hot water unfortunately).
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