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I decided to finally spring for a small single stage to clean my deck and started to peruse CL. I found a decent little Toro CCR2000E 2 stroke so I snapped it up after a bit of bargining with the owner. Started on the 1st or 2nd pull but like any 2 stroke it smoked and was smelly. I kind of got it for my wife because she suddenly decided she'd like to help a bit with the snow removal chores. I realized after running it for a little while that she would not appreciate the smoke and smell (I'd never hear the end of it!) even though she said she really liked it when she saw it.

On to CL once again (about 8:00 pm on a Friday) and low and behold I find a freshly posted nice, clean Honda HS520 4 stroke for short $$$ and it's in my own town to boot. I email the guy and let him know I can be there the next day 1st thing in the morning as I live in the same town. About 3 minutes later the guy calls me (I left my cell#) and says he's been inundated with emails but would hold it for me as I was a fellow town folk. He listed it for $250.00 which around these parts is pretty cheap for a decent 4 stroke single stage, especially a Honda.

Scooped it up the next day and placed the Toro I had just bought days before on CL and sold it for what I paid for it in about 3 days. I'm kind of looking forward to trying it out myself on those first few 2 - 3" storms we get that are just a bit to small for the 2 stage snowblower. I hope it's a snowy winter unlike last year!
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