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Scored a B7100HST Today

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Found it on Craigslist for $600. It looks rough so it will fit right in the herd. I thought it was a B6100 in the picture. It has turf tires so at the moment it is a lawnmower. It has the bottom pto for a mmm. It starts and runs with no blowby. I might have to turn lose of one B6100. No pics. It is still on the truck since it was dark when I got back.
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That's a great deal.
When I got a chance I checked to see it there was power to the glow plugs. There was and they worked. The previous owner was using starting fluid. It started right up. The rod he was pulling to shut it off was the decompression. I checked that there was only one rod to the injection pump. I pulled the throttle all of the way back to shut it off. It needs sway chains. I have a set of new 8.3 x 20 ag tires on wheels that I bought at an auction. I think they might fit. The rear bolt pattern measures bigger than the B6100. Time will tell.


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Nice find. I had one but traded it for my B2620. Mine was in good shape and had a 60" MMM. Some days I wish I would still have it, but there are not to many of those. Hard to beat 4x4 with FEL in the winter.
It has been sitting in front of the barn where I parked it. Today I changed the oil and filter. The next chance to do anything with it I don't know. The main thing is that I captured it.
Yesterday I went to the Farmer's Co-Op 5 miles away and found some turnbuckles and clevices and made some sway chains. Today I hung 3, 70# weights on the front. I put my forks on the 3pt and lifted a couple of pallets with 600# of weights on them. I expected it to pick them up with no problem since my B6100s pick them up. It lifted them about 6" and the relief valve started squealing. I kept dropping it and lifting it. After a couple of times, sometimes it would lift the pallet all of the way up with no problem, sometimes not. Will it get better? According to it should lift over 1,000#.
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With all of the rain around here, today I turned it into a small tractor.
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