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School me on a hydrostatic LT-16 please?

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Got a possible lead on a model LT160H482BV, serial number 45727214 for $300.00.

The mower has a 16 horse Vanguard engine mounted for vertical shaft, says it's hydrostatic. Fenders and hood appear to be mostly plastic as it has a chunck missing in the fender at the back left corner of the seat.

The deck appears to be in good shape and is the same deck I have on my L-head LT16002.

I know nothing about the hydrostatic stuff. What can you guys tell me about this mower overall and specifically to the hydro stuff, mainly is it worth having for the price and how durable is it? Are parts still available for it?

Here is a pic

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Wow, I can't believe that nobody has nothing to say about this mower. Is this a rare bird? Has nobody ever had one?
I have never seen on in person. If they were up to the quality of parts used in the RER models, they should be pretty good. The price seems good to me also. If you can get deck parts, such as brake levers, idlers, spindles and blades, you should be all right.
Don't know who made the hydro either, so won't comment. Engine looks well kept, and given the way it fits, and the hp rating, looks factory.
Really, my comment doesn't add anything of value, but you seem to want an opinion, so there's that... If I came upon it, I would jump on it, as I added a Craftsman 42" to get my lawn done in less time than the 33" Snapper took. And a 48" would be that much better.
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