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Scag 61” riding mower/Eaton 850 Drive

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me if an Eaton 850 hydrostatic drive has a release anywhere on it to allow free rolling. My machine is dead in the middle of the yard and I need to move it without the assistance of the drive, so...
I’m not looking for anything specific to Scag, its general information and observations about the drive itself I’m after...
And Thanks!
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I know nothing about the drive, but I would expect the operators manual would show where/how to use the release mechanism, and it should be available online somewhere.
I went over it and didn’t see anything. I might as well just take the keys out of the rear wheels. Not what I want to do, but I do need free roll...
So, the setup described in the operators manual isn't present on the zero turn itself?
This isn’t really what you’d call a “Zero Turn” (separate hydraulic motors for each drive wheel) but an Eaton 850 Hydrostatic Transmission. I parked the question on here because it falls under “Turf Machines”, the closest fitting forum description for what I have.
Nothing in the Eaton 850 manual alludes to any free wheel/drive selection controller though I’m sure the manual I found on here is the one for my machine...
Go to scags website and go through the manual for your machine
Nothing in the manual. Jacked it up, pulled the wheels, took out the keys, greased the axles and put the wheels back on. Towed it with my quad...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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