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Ok guys here's my situation. I work for a mobile wheel repair company that uses an enclosed Trailer to perform the repairs. The trailer houses a 10000w generator that powers numerous things inside the trailer and It also has a compressor. Both have electric starters. They are inside built in compartments on the sides. They are on slides so I can slide them out when in use. My issue is when I'm done with a job they do not cool quick enough before i store them to go to my next job. Heat builds up and within a year or less my batteries are shot. The doors on the compartments have vent scoops but do not help a whole lot. Is there something I can wrap these batteries to keep the heat out? I'm just not aware what is available. Thanks

I've suggested to the boss that we do a remote optima battery inside of the trailer but that is as far as that conversation went. It would save them tons on money and down time down the road, especially with them owning 3 more of the same trailers with the same exact issue. It affects me enough to care so that why I'm here lol.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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