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Save this ss15

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Some on on the YT garden tractor forum is talking about parting an ss15 and it has blower and other things with it. Didn't say it ran, but sounded like it should. Someone go save it and offer to buy! I hate when people part out whole tractors that might be restoreable.
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yea, I know a local guy who has a 15 that needs restored, but I have no room or extra money. I'm actually probably going to buy his ST16 from him instead though.
Sounds like it would be a fun project.
Hi I read his post on the YT garden tractor forum sounds like he would sell it complete if any interest is shown. It waaayyy to far for me or I'd take a serious look. This is from his 2nd post.
"This a great running little tractor with wheel waights and chains. I live near Oswego NY. if anybody is interested."
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