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Sanity Check - Blue Smoke

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As mentioned in an earlier post, I've recently purchased a case 430 (441) tractor. (Gas) I've started it and run it a couple times, starts relatively easy, no smoke....
Previous owner stored it indoors (as far as I know) I'm temporarily storing it outdoors until I get a "canopy garage" built.

After I had tractor delivered, I put a soup can over the exhaust. The next weekend installed a rain cap on the tractor to "automatically" cover the exhaust....

Here are my questions:
After installing the rain cap, why is my tractor now producing blue smoke when I start it? is it because there's an engine problem? Rings? Valves? Could the Rain cap be heating up the manifold "better" and burning deposits out of the manifold?

Also, should I be turning off the fuel supply to the engine while I'm not using it? Could that have something to do with it? (i didn't smell gasoline in the oil)

Any help/suggestions would be great.... Thanks.
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It could be all of the items you mentioned on the wear items. If it clears up, after it warms up, probably nothing to worry about at this time. If it gets worse after working it some, then yeah, maybe time to think about a major O.H. The spark plugs will tell you if it's a bad oil burner, as they'll get deposits on them from trying to burn the oil.

Dad overhauled my one Super C Farmall I inherited back in the mid-70's. Probably should have taken the head in, and had new valve guides put in it, but didn't. Just lapped the valves in, and put in new valve seals. I seriously doubt there are 1500 hours on it since then, but it will put out a bit of blue smoke until it warms up. Just figure it's a bit of oil going down through the valve guides, because the plugs show a darker gray, rather than tan.

If it's carrying good oil pressure, and not look like you're fogging for 'skeeter's, I wouldn't be too concerned.

As far as shutting off the gas, that would be up to you, to use your own judgement. I did on a couple that would set for several months at a time, and wasn't here to check on them often. The other's where I'm around them a lot, I don't bother, unless I would happen to see gas leaking, where the float stuck, and that hasn't happened...., yet....

If it's just used occasionally, might be an idea to add some fuel conditioner, such a Stabil. I add some in the Fall to one's that more than likely won't be used all that much until Spring, that has the additive for ethanol laced gas.
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Good call on the valve guides/seals.

I just bought this tractor and I always have "paranoid buyers remorse" like someone is pulling a fast one on me... Of course, I have a front tire valve stem that broke causing the tire to go flat, and a power steering hose that broke after it was delivered.(no big deal, just kinda funny how it happens after you buy something like that.)

I don't know the history on this tractor. For all I know it has 2 million hours on the motor. (it does run super smooth and has not funny noises/vibrations coming from the oil pan. it's definitely NOT fogging mosquitoes, it just has a little blue smoke now, I'll update the thread if it goes away or not.

I definitely have to get an oil pressure gauge. idiot light (inoperative I'm sure) not cutting it for me.

Thanks again.
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