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SAE 140 GL-1 Gear Oil

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This old troy horse tiller I have apart I would love to refill with some 140 Gl-1 oil or 80w140 but from all the checking and calls I have made it no longer exists up my way any more
All I have found is some Lucus syn motor cycle oil 80w140 that apparently is gl-1 but it is like 25.00 a liter which is way too much for this old girl considering she will need at least 4 maybe 5

I talked to my uncle about it who was a real good CAT mechanic for over 45 years and he tells me oils have changed big time over the years as we all know and today's gl-5 will only be an issue in these old tillers and the brass if the temp gets high like over 200 degree which it won't

So?? have you guys heard this before?? or what other options do I have
Do some gl-5's state they are OK with brass??
Thanks for the feedback
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1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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