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Sabre ubrubtly shut down, and will not restart

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Ok, I have a Sabre lawn tractor with the 18hp intek vtwin. I was mowing the lawn one day and all of a sudden it quit running. I thought I ran out of gas, but no.
Now, I have been starting my lawn mower by bi-passing the starter switch. My positive battery cable at the battery is corroded and wont get a good connection. I haven't got around to replacing it. So I would just jump the starter with a jumper cable from the positive terminal to the starter.
now that we got that out of the way. The tractor was not out of gas. I checked the oil, and it was a bit low. I put oil in it. Wentto jump start it, it cranked over but would not fire, but immediately smoke came pouring from the front of the engine. Smelt like electrical. Sure enough, a ground wire fried on the front of the engine. I have no clue what it is. Fuel shut off switch? It's on the bottom of the carb. I sprayed carb cleaner in the air cleaner to see if it would fire up. It fired up immediately with more electrical smoke, I heard a bad knock during the 2 seconds it was running. I also noticed some oil leaking from the left side of the engine.I have had nothing but problems with this sabre, but never the briggs engine. It looks terminal, but who knows, maybe it's an easy fix? help is appreciated! Thanks
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Welcome to the forum.

Put away the bandaids now!

First, you have electrical problems as you well know. You've been patching along and now they are worse.

Stop right now, get a schematic of the electrical system, and check, clean and repair every connection on this tractor. EVERY CONNECTION. No loose connectors, no corroded connectors, no bare or abraded wires, etc.

Once the wiring is straight, verify you have not overfilled the oil.

Clean the engine up and look for the exact source of any leak if there is indeed a leak.

Check the condition of your spark plugs against any of the many charts available on the internet. Are you running lean, rich, hot?

Check your valve adjustment if applicable - you'll need a service manual to be sure of specs and tolerances.

I don't mean to be terse, but there is no easy fix to this problem. It's going to require a lot of work. Trying to patch along is begging for more and more serious problems.
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