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S14-d carb adjustment

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hello, i recently converted my carb from an old style walbro to the WGH-31. their are actually 2 screws it seems for adjustment- one is hear the top upper left side pretty close to the manifold- the other one is left side- lower near the bowl- my 1455 seems to be starving for fuel, starting really hard- is one of these to adjust for a richer fuel mixture? took off air cleaner and when i turn it over it wants to spit out the carb- not really backfiring ,when it starts- it runs good- fuel pump is working well also- and good spark
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WGH? or WHG?

Here's a link with a nice layout of a WHG (click here)

If this is the right one, it looks like the idle adjustment is up-top close to the engine, the other down by the bowl being the main.
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