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S/G is spinning in reverse on 149

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So... how do I make a s/g spin the other way, the guy that gave me this 149 said he had rebuilt the s/g. can you wire them backwards? what happens if the A and F terminals got switched during the rebuild process will the F term make the starter spin? Spin and in reverse? I'm lost now untill I figure this one out, any one had this happen?
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I've been told that it is difficult and expensive to "reverse" a starter generator, I would be willing to bet that this S/G came off of something besides a Cub Cadet.

I keep wanting to think that the direction of rotation is controlled by the field coils and the way they are installed in the housing, however if they are installed backwards then the wires attached to them wouldn't be long enough to reach the brushes and the terminal studs.

I may be way off with this but I think that's how it works, hopefully some of the electric motor gurus will be along shortly and straighten us both out.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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