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Ryan weed trimmer fuel ratio?

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I was wondering if anyone knew the fuel to oil ratio for a Ryan model 263 weed trimmer.? I did some research, but found nothing specific to Ryan.
Also, what oil are you supposed to run in them with the gas? The label says to dump a full can of Lawn-Boy special lubricants oil in with 2 gallons of gas. Ryan oil is now discontinued obviously. I would assume that I’m supposed to use modern Lawn-Boy oil as pictured below.?
Liquid Fluid Gas Rectangle Wood stain
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I have those amounts on the bottle of oil. I just don’t know which of those ratios that Ryan/Lawn-Boy/OMC weed trimmers take…
Ok, thank you. I really appreciate it. If you don’t mind me asking, how do you know?
Maybe this is a dumb question, but why 5.2 oz of any other oil(such as modern Lawn-Boy) if not Ryan which is 4 oz? Wouldn’t it be the same 4 oz of oil regardless of brand getting me a 32:1 ratio?
Well, that is what the old manual indicates... I am thinking that maybe the Ryan oil is a castor mix...

Oh, ok. I suppose I will use 5.2 oz of modern Lawn-Boy oil with a gallon of premium gasoline at 25:1. Thank you for your help!
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