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anyone have any experience with one of these little john deere rx75 riding mowers? i havent got it yet but seen one for sale for $30 was thinking about picking it up . what usually goes wrong with these? I know they are pretty cheap even new and look some what cheaply made but if i got it would be fixed and used mainly in tighter areas of my yard just for trimming and in places where my 42in deck wont fit might get used an hour a week if even that thanks in advance
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For $30, the tires are worth that alone. Mostly they suffer from lack of maintenance as mentioned above. Usually they have 5 years of grass clippings stuffed up inside them because the typical owner never cleans them out. One thing that hese don't like is carrying a big operator around. I weigh a "svelt and trim" 285, and they don't like to move much with someone my size on 'em.
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