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anyone have any experience with one of these little john deere rx75 riding mowers? i havent got it yet but seen one for sale for $30 was thinking about picking it up . what usually goes wrong with these? I know they are pretty cheap even new and look some what cheaply made but if i got it would be fixed and used mainly in tighter areas of my yard just for trimming and in places where my 42in deck wont fit might get used an hour a week if even that thanks in advance
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The economy has everyone dredging at the bottom of the scrap pile lately, and when I see ANY of the Deere rear engine riders come in, I cringe. :praying:

EVERY rear engine unit that I have worked on in the last year has been a money pit, with the acceptation of one unit that is.

I suppose that because they are so small, it fools people into believing that the repairs will be equally small. :biglaugh: Very few believe in preventative maintenance, and with the nature of its design (tight spaces) and the age of most of these units, it makes it costly to repair, well, at $70.00 dollars an hour it does.

If you do your own repairs, then you will be ahead of the game. Inspect the belts, jack sheave, and variator, as they are no fun to service. Shifting mechanism, brakes, charging system, and the deck hardware. Almost all the units I serviced had gummed up carburetors, trash in the fuel system, and some needed desperate valve service. Good luck. :trink40:
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