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Running issues yet again

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I've been trying to get this carb dialed in from the base specs, but it seems like its still over fueling. It keeps spitting fire out the exhaust like the timing may be off even though I lined the marks up. I'm at a loss..
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Sounds like it is spitting lit fuel past the exhaust valve and out. Have you done a compression and leakdown check to see if it is good?

Cylinder compression test

Cylinder leak down test
New head gasket, rings and piston. :/
Bump. Anyone?
You didn't mention it, but I believe we're talking about a 110 with the Kohler engine? Have you checked the valve clearance adjustment? That would throw your timing off for sure if not exact. Don't ask me how I know ... :banghead3
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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