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Run-in converted to barn

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I'm kicking around the idea of modifying my existing structure which is currently a 3 stall run-in w/tack and feed room. My idea is to poor a slab along the length of the existing horse house, frame that in and put a traditional gabled room on it. I figure that I can save some cost because I'll be utilizing some of the existing material on the add on, exterior back walls and some of the framing used on the tack and feed room. Currently the run-in has a shingle roof, new one would be steel.

What are your thoughts on using the existing roof? The plan would be to make the roof peak where the back of the existing barn is now. Do you think that this is possible, if so how would you approach it? I won't toss out my plan now, I don't want to box in any of you free thinkers.

thanks much.


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No, not tearing it down, I'll be able to open up the back of tack and feed room because I won't need the existing exterior wall.
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