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Rubber o-rings on loader rams

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Does anyone know what they are for? I had one snap the other day, do I need to replace it? It looks like the whole ram would have to come out to replace and I cant for the life of me see what its for......

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My manual -- for the FEL -- states to remove those. They are placed on there for painting purposes ... and should have been removed by the dealer before delivery.

Thanks 2CED - thats exactly the answer I was hoping for!
Check out this .pdf blowup of the cylinder and the pic of my 2305 cylinder. Mine is a 2007 model so yours may be an upgrade (newer model) with a rubber seal as shown as part #2 in the .pdf file. Mine do not have a seal and never have to my knowledge. I suspect they are just an extra wiper type deal and you can live without them. The rings are soft rubber right? I can’t really tell by your pic but part #3 and #4 seem to be in place on yours so the part #2 is different (not on mine). :fing32:


Thanks for the info ya-ya, I checked the manual again, and it looks like 2CED nailed it:

Line Automotive window part

Thanks for the spot on info. We all learned something new today. :fing32:
Yes, even us ORANGE lovers!


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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