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rubber engine mounts

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Can anyone tell me why the Case engineers designed the tractor to have the engine mount on the frame - metal to metal with rubber washers used underneath the frame? My frame has wear marks on the frame where the engine is mounted, not serious, but I have seen similar marks on other frames pictured here. I am not complaining just wondering.:dunno:
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I think that we are all wondering. My "guess" is that it was cheaper than modifing the frame to use a mount like the Kohlers'.
The mounting ears on Onan engines are easily broken. Case knew this and installed the rubber mounts under the frame so as to reduce the stress on the ears as the tractor frame twists during operation.
As time and use go on, there will be wear on the frame and the ears where there is direct contact with the frame, particularly if the engine mount bolts have gotten loose and/or from deterioration of the rubber mounts. I have repowered several tractors with newer Onans from older Onans and had to weld and grind on one tractor.
But bottom line is that Onan powered 200 and 400 series Case/Ingersoll tractors must have these rubber washers under the frame with large flat washers on the engine mount bolts.
These rubber washers are the same that are used between the seat and mount on the bolts.
Bob MacGregor in CT:fam32::bump9:
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