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picked these up today 250 mile round trip prev owner threw the rts in for parts but i'm pretty sure i have enough pieces to get them both together (some year) the hardest the old power wagon worked was on the way back up the valley did good though held 35 mph on the way up total trip average was 11 mpg
up and down the valley pics are backwards mamabear took the up ones from the pass seat my hands were busy shifting and steering


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looks like fairly straight tractordo you have any pics from the rear of the platform looks to me like the one i have only had a step on it and no platform
I don't have a pic of the rear, but I can tell you that there is no platform and it does have a small step to get up on the seat. I have a line on a platform but it needs some major work. I am in the process of getting the angle iron that was the frame of the lull lift off of the tractor. I also want to get the PTO shaft hooked up, but need to source out the parts to do it.
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Well I'm 75% of the way done with the tractor and have made a website to detail my restoration. I have learned alot from this tractor and am eagerly waiting for tractor show season next year.
:fing32: Guys every time I see a photo of one of these industrial Minnies or especially a UDLX, it makes this country boy covet something he knows he will not ever have one of.. Please keep posting photos of this stuff; that's the closest some of us come to seeing the real thing :fing32: :thanku:
Alot of those items in the picture look familar. In fact some are in my yard!
Hey! New guy here. I have an RTI and need a 10" clutch pressure plate or at least the cast part. Any extras for sale? I can get the disc recovered OK.
Could also use some Fenders, I have None.
Awaller, is that a weight? or a dual wheel adapter hanging off back? I have heavy cast wheels, 2 sets of studs on them, and a big heavy ring that is in middle that came off easy. Thinking that was how duals went on?? But, I took off the ring, set wheels in farther, used inner studs. Wheels also have 1" or bigger threaded holes (six) around middle, that I don't know what they are for. I haven't got a manual describing how to set up wheels, and no one really answered my questions on them. I tried to make a puller for removing wheel, using those big bolt holes, but threads too rusted out to hold bolts in place when torqued. Got them off with big hammer and pry bars. Not as bad as I thought. Had to get that huge 3" socket for axle nut, but it came off easy too, suprise!
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Awaller, just looked at your site. Neat! I'm orig from Janesville, WI and didn't catch where you were from. Going to shows, you won't find many MM's at any, unless they are summer shows from the clubs, like Prairie Gold Reunion or the others. Go to the MM home site and get the dates/times for those shows, Then you will see MM's. Look up John Grandfeild in Antioch, ILL near border with WI if you wanna see more and get help. He's on other forums too.
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I'm here too GL, my RTI had a Lull loader, took that off, put a RTU platform on it. I still have a homemade platform I origionally made for mine. I also have reprints for the Lull loaders, it includes parts and pictures, maintinence, assembly, and operation. Have them for both the RTI loader and the UTI loader.
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Alot of those items in the picture look familar. In fact some are in my yard!
it was his kta's you got wasn't it?
KT, KTA and parts tractors. Will make 2 out of parts. Also UTU and ZTS.
I didn't see the ZTS there likely drooling to much over the UDLX and the open he was working on, if I would have theres a good chance it would have been on with the 2 R's
UOPN sold! ZTS right beside UDLX.

UOPN sold? is it going to Manitoba?
like I said must have been drooling over the UDLX
Went to US. Too much for me. I will always regret it.
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