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RPM problems K241 Please help....

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I have been dealing with this forever. I need expert advice please. I have a Kohler K241 that I have been bringing back into service. Runs strong but a little smoke on start up. Anyway, I have had a **** of a time getting it to climb RPM's. It has been stopping around 2900. After rebuilding the carb, I mean EVERYTHING in the carb is new, I have played with adjustments forever with no change. I finally began moving the spring position and can get higher RPM's that way. In fact, tonight I got it to 3650, PERFECT! Only problem is it brought the low idle RPM's up as well. From 1500 to around 2500.. What causes this narrow range of RPM's and how do I fix this? I like the top end but I really dont want it to idle at 24-2500 RPM's.. The governor is adjusted. Please help... -Nick
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I don't know anything about your specific engine, sorry.

I am assuming that the idle speed screw doesn't simply need to be adjusted. If you manually move the throttle plate, can you get it to idle lower?

Is it possible that the carb is running lean at the low end, which is raising the RPM's?
My money is on the timing (points gap).

That is a very common result of a mis-timed engine.
Put the spring back where it was, to alter the top end speed, slide the throttle cable out a little, about 1/4" so that it increases spring tension @ full throttle.
Okay, the points were on, but ill check again. Alright ill try repositioning the throttle cable. The islet that bolts to the fuel pump bolt must slide on the cable somehow?
Yeah normally there is a clamp of some type that holds the cable to the engine somehow, should slid on it or in it. mark it with a marker or tape so you can see how far you are sliding it.
RED you were spot on as usual. I decided to build a new cable so it was like new and adjusted it correctly and problem solved. Runs great, thanks!
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