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Rows with low grand clearance Tractor

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I'm looking at SCUT tractors with 7.5 inch ground Clearance at the front axel. I want to use as much mechanical advantage in planting and weeding/cultivation. I also think I need to mound my rows and the mounds will raise the small plants into the front axel after 7 inches and the weeds would start to take over. Maybe I have this all wrong and I plant "flat" and have a full 7 inches? Do you mound for your vegetable crops or only for things like potatoes?
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I have horrific clay soil here, so I hill everything. I till with a Horse III and have been doing everything else manually, but I got a little MTD tiller this year for cultivating. I figure start out with all the tines, then once things get growing drop the outer tines. Eventually I'll have to go back to manual work, but by that point the plants will be big enough to keep ahead of the weeds.
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