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Rolled the dice on a spool valve for my 3240

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Came up sevens! I was looking on ebay and found a spool valve listed for a 1541 for $23, $30 after shipping with a pic of a 3000 valve. Got here today and is a 3000 valve which are getting more and more expensive. Today I was the bowling ball, tomorrow I may be the pins.


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You both got some great deals especially the one ejl6658 mentioned.

I have found fairly good deals on spool valves, but have never been able to find a deal even remotely close to that. The price most are asking for just the aux lines is WAY more than that..
Made out like a bandit on some ballast weights today. $50 for 437.5 lbs of iron plates. I picked up 300lb for $30 awhile back. This should ballast the 3240 pretty well when I get my bucket up and running.

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WOW! I have been trying to buy Cast Iron Barbell Weights to use as ballast for a couple years now, but I have only been able to find a few for decent prices(decent, but way more than you paid)

Where were you able to find them for such great prices?
I have done a bunch of searches on FB Marketplace near me, but have not found any deals approaching what you have found.

In the past(before I was wanting to buy them) I would occasionally find them at near give away prices at yard sales, but I have not found any over the past few years.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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