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I've got a new-to-me TC25 New Holland Tractor with a front end loader.
It's got a standard (3 pt?) PTO rated at 22 hp.
I bought it mainly for rough landscaping, moving rocks around, brush moving, and help removing cedar trees.

We're not on a huge property (just a few acres) and to-date, I've been doing "residential" fencing, meaning 6' cedar fence, by hand, which is painstaking to say the least.

We live in a part of central TX that has a lot of limestone. Good for foundations, bad for digging. We've had good luck in the past using Bobcats with rock augers. We've had bad luck using bobcats with standard augers. A bobcat is capable of putting a lot more weight on an auger than these small tractors are.

My questions are these:
1) Is it worth putting a post hole digger on the TC25? If so, which one?
2) Is there a special auger that I can get with "rock" teeth, that work a bit better than a standard auger?
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