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Rochester carb....

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Okay, so this is for a very old truck...but, I still need one. I'm looking for a Rochester Varajet ll carb model 17081721. It's for a Chevy 6 cylinder. I tried an I-net search and was led to Summit, but still can't find one. Where might I go to find what I need?
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Do you need a new carb because like... A house fell on the old one? Here's some:

Some better deals on EB for used ones:

35 years ago my neighbor could have brought one home in his lunchbox as he worked for the manufacturer!:fing32:

Lots of other parts are available as well as rebuild kits if you need. I have the rebuilding instructions in my old Chilton manuals but I'll have to clean the piles of dust off them if you need help.. :goodl: :trink40:
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Okay, it may be easier to work it this way.... the engine came from an early '80's C10. The carb looks like it was beat on with either a large Crescent wrench or a ballpean hammer! (Almost like having a house dropped on it, Tractor Tinkerer!) I guess what I'm looking for is any carb that would fit a Chevy inline six cylinder with Integral head. So, with THAT info...where can I go? (There's an opportunity!!)
Well.. The floats did have a tendancy to stick a little bit on those! :banghead3

cooltedRe: Rochester carb....
Just about any Q-jet will work. NOT! Not really enough air flow from just six pistons-a-pumpin plus it just won't fit on a inline-6's intake manifold..

You can pony up and buy the $300 guaranteed one from the site I posted or try the adaptor plate and aftermarket carb like the Holley like Matt suggests.. Used ones are hit-or-miss I've found in my past experiences with auto's.. Sometimes you end up with more troubles and head-a-bangin. If the thing is just bu$ted but works OK then buy one of the cheap ones off EB and replace the parts that the house landed on along with the wicked witch of the east.. :goodl::trink40:
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