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Roadside Finds during Fall Clean-UP

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Picked up this little John Deere RX-75 along with a modified wagon at two different stops this fall clean-up the older gentleman helped me load the lawn tractor; said he bought a new one and that nothing really was wrong with this one and he was right I just added the oil and gas he said he had drained and dropped in a battery and away she went....the wagon was a rusted but with a new coat of John Deere Green and a sticker from a smashed John Deere engine bonet made for a nice total package for my son....mower worked great and the wagon has been put to work by my son....yeah for others trash.


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Great finds! Enjoy them, looks like he is. :thThumbsU
You are doing something right !!
Great score!
Can't beat that price! Nice set up.
Very nice setup. slkpk
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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