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I'm going to use this old beat up dash box off an Allis Chalmers tractor.

After straightening it out, I welded up the cracks in the corners and two of the holes in the face plate.
The small hole that is still there will be for the headlight switch.
I need to drill a hole for the starter switch but I don't have the switch yet so I don't know what size it will be.
The brackets for the choke and throttle are fastened to the side of the box.

The box is bolted to the plate on top of the steering sprocket.

Attaching the end of the throttle cable to the engine was easy.
I made up a bracket to hold the cable housing with a set screw.
Then I made a piece that fastens to the end of the throttle cable with a set screw and the spring from the governor attaches to it.

The choke wasn't as easy to do.
These two carburetors are for the BKN engine.
The carb on the left has the stock choke lever that is designed to be operated by hand or with a solid pull rod from the front of the carb.
It is shown in the "open" position and the lever moves out ( away from the engine ) to close the choke.

The carb on the right is the one I'm using on the engine.
The first thing I did was to cut the choke lever off, reshape it and drill a small hole in the end for the cable.
Then I welded it back on the the choke rod so it points forward.
It is shown in the "open" position and pulls down to close the choke.

Then I made up a bracket that attaches to the two screws on the front of the float bowl.
The end of this bracket has a clamp to hold the choke cable housing.

The carb is mounted on the engine and the choke cable is set in place for a trial fit.
The choke cable needs to be shortened a little but I don't want to do that until after the wiring is all in place and I'm sure that every thing is fitting properly.
I'm going to run the wiring from the dash box down along side the throttle and choke cables.

For those that may be a little confused to see the cables routed down thru the steering pulley.
The steering pulley ( and every thing mounted on it ), the battery, gas tank and engine all move as a single unit.

The only thing that is affected by the movement of the steering pulley is the "blue" shifter cable that goes thru the top of the steering pulley and down to the hydro transmission.
This cable has to bend where it goes thru the pulley as the tractor turns.

Here is a photo of the tractor making a very sharp left turn.
You can see how the throttle and choke cables aren't affected at all, only the shifter cable.

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