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Reviving the forgotten GT 185 Hydro for snow

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Greetings all! NOOB here so be nice : )

Recently picked up a 1994 White GT 185 Hydro, model # 144U836H190, outfitted with a 45" snow thrower, model # 190-831-190 that was in some poor shape. Purchased just for snow for my 500' asphalt driveway, up a slope that plowing via a truck is sketchy. It came with no deck, just the plow. Got her running, by grinding down the fuel solenoid in the carb bowl flush and installed a manual shut off valve. Awesome, it runs and drives. Success # 1. Sometimes on full throttle the governor kicks in and then the rpms hunt for a little but most of the time settle. It also seams to be running rich. I have no experience with tuning carbs or governors so I might have to send to a shop.

Turning this monster is another story, its a pain to turn.
I have an almost stripped steering shaft, and I would imagine the gear should be replaced even though it doesn't look bad / chewed up. Also a tie rod that keeps loosening up for some reason. Tie rod on the steering gear keeps coming loose. I did not investigate further because if the gear is coming out, I'm not going to waste my time taking it apart at the moment.
If weight was added in the rear, would that make turning this thing easier?

For the blower - From the PTO to intermediate shaft, belt length is supposed to be a 52". Well tried that and way too loose. 51" works ok, but seams to ride a bit high on the idler nearest the intermediate shaft. Found out why my belt length is odd. I'm missing the second idler system nearest the PTO. Didn't know this until I found a manual for the machine. CRAP! Now I still wanted to see how well this blower works and so far it turns. SUCCESS #2!
Should I invest in finding the idler setup? As of now, they are all fixed pulleys with no tensioners. By the diagram, it looks like the one I'm missing may be some type of tensioner. I will upload diagrams and suspected parts highlighted.
On the blower - the idler on the left hand side of the frame, the bracket seams bent but I do not know if this should sit flush along the frame or not.

Deck linkage??
The rear most linkage arms from the previous mower deck, appear to hook up to the carriage bracket via springs. It looks like the springs are used just to move the linkage arms out of the way. Do they serve any lifting purpose?

Missing the metal box that it came with but I believe this will be the easiest task. Make a box to fill with weight or a hanger for suitcase weights. I need to do some research on wheel weights, filled tires, and tire & chain combos.

The tires on now are flat and dry-rotted, 23x9.5x12. The wheel it self has 4 square holes 8-9 inches apart, for what I would imagine to add weights. Can you run tubed tires with chains? Like I said, some more research needed.

skid shoes
The idea of this thing going up and down my drive way has me a little scared that it it will scratch my asphalt driveway. Thought about making a set of skid shoes out of a very hard plastic but I still have the rear edge of the blower to worry about.

Any and all advice on any topic is well appreciated.



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Welcome to the forum Josh.

For the steering, try to get grease in all the movable points and the gears. If that is not possible, at least oil them. Weight in the rear will help a little with the steering. I put these thrust bearings on all my machines and it helps a lot. McMaster-Carr 5909K33 and two 5909K46. Or here. Thrust Needle Roller Bearing 3 4"x 1 1 4"x 9 64" inch Thrust Bearings 0 750 Bore | eBay They fit on the bottom of the kingpin. Make sure it is 3/4".

You will need tire chains and weights to use the blower effectively. If your drive is hilly, it will be very difficult to use without them. Mine will not back up on even a slight incline when the blower is lifted, without weights and chains.

Without the belt idler, the belt will most likely slip when under any kind of load. It looks like there are two different setups for that idler.

I have an asphalt drive and it does get scratched and marked up but mostly from the tire chains. The blower skids ride mostly on the snow layer. I have tubes in all my tires for the same reason you speak of and chains work fine on them.


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Thanks for the info. Do you happen to have some kind of documents to show these two different idlers you speak of?
The only info I found is online like here.

The different idler setups look to be for the electric or mechanical PTO.

Do you have this complete setup for the blower with front PTO and gear reduction?


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Yes. Only thing I am missing is the idler setup which came factory with the mower and deck. See previous uploaded images highlighted are the parts I was talking about. My unit has an electric pto.
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