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review of JD 3520 CUT please

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I am thinking of buying a JD 3520 and appreciate any pros and cons. I have a JD 4010 CUT since 2005. thanks in advance.
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Hello ,
I own a 2006 3520 open station and love mine . E - Hydro with cruz control and motion match , Turbo has the extra power when you need it, good on fuel .Pulls 6' box blade ,and runs a 5' Brush hog just fine . 300cx loader and the 447 hoe .
One thing if going new get ALL the extra hydro controls now .It will cost much more later . that's 3,4,5 SCV's and for the front for a grapple , This can be done with all JD stander parts .
Do not let the dealer say it can not be done ,I can tell you how.
You sit higher up in the machine and take dose take getting used too .But once you get over that one. it is OK and love the nearly flat floor .
Get the biggest tire and wheel combo and FILL the rear tires .
Buy extra DSL cans ,because you will have so much fun ,one won't want to stop and go get more DSL .
The ROPS pin suck ,just replace them with one's with handles if you are going to fold the ROPS down .
Buy a good grease gun and a case of grease to start . The loader has 20 fittings alone !
Also the std JD bucket is a little on the wimpy side so spring for the HD
I hate to tell people how to spend their hard earned money , but this is not the time to cheap out . I seen many a person say " oh I wish I had spent a little more " and now are taking a bath on trade in ,to get a bigger machine.
I see a lot of 3320 and 3120 come up short [ still good machine but have no extra when you need it ], because they did not want to spent the extra to get the turbo option .
the only bad thing I have to say is how in the world , JD forgot the front axle vent tube on the older models
I drove a lot of different machines and could have bought any color ,but when it came down to it John Deere came up on top for me
Good luck with the Hunt - Wasz
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