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Rest-O-Ride seat

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I bought my first Ford this summer, a 1952 8N. Overall the tractor is in great shape. I noticed that the seat is different than all the other ones that I see. I found that I have a Rest-o-ride seat and don't know anything about it. Was it offered as a option from Ford or possibly added later on. All of the moving metal parts were welded solid by the previous owner. He told me the seat was no longer working right. Now I have to decide what to do, try and fix this seat, or replace it with a standard seat. What do you guys think?
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The Rest O Ride seat was offered as an option on the hundred series and on some models like the 801 it was standard. Some of the parts like the rubber can be bought new off ebay and other sources. Parts are available depending on what you need but you may have to hunt them down. Somebody was even making the drivers weigh decal that went on the back of the seat for weight adjustment.
Basically it's up to you and what's wrong with it and how much you're willing to spend to make it right.
I have a few of these seats and think they work well if not broken. The one I have on my 671 need fixen, It's so bad that if you shift your weight a little you better be holding on to the steering wheel because it feels like your going to fall off. I don't use that tractor that much so I haven't gotten around to fixing it.
Post some photos when you get a chance.

Here are the pages for the parts you may or may not need.

BTW. When you get it all rebuilt, I have a decal for

Do you have any more decals you are selling.

Thanks, Kirk
I have one of those laying in the shed, just don't have the time or desire to repair it.
Sent PM.
Maybe you can do me a favor and take a couple of photos for me on your paulson loader system. I have one on my 4000 and the loader will be going to a friend in the spring. He will be mounting on his 8n so I need the front bracket and where it connected to, somewhere around by the oil pan and How your hydraulics are hooked up. I'll probably have a lot more questions so if it's easier shoot me an email.
[email protected]

Also it looks like your has a front pump,as mine does. If you installed the unit, where did you get your front pulley hook up?
BTW; the company is still in business. But these loaders aren't cheap.

Thanks, Kirk


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