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Rest-O-Ride seat

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I bought my first Ford this summer, a 1952 8N. Overall the tractor is in great shape. I noticed that the seat is different than all the other ones that I see. I found that I have a Rest-o-ride seat and don't know anything about it. Was it offered as a option from Ford or possibly added later on. All of the moving metal parts were welded solid by the previous owner. He told me the seat was no longer working right. Now I have to decide what to do, try and fix this seat, or replace it with a standard seat. What do you guys think?
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Thanks for the info and the advice guys, I have till spring to figure out what I will do with the seat. I might grind all the welds off and see what I have. It looks like the rubber is shot for sure. There are other things that I need to do first, the proofmeter is junk and probably the cable too. The previous owner painted the old girl blue, not sure if I will change it back to red or not. He did a pretty good job so might just leave it.
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Kirk, email sent, it looks our loader are not quite the same, your's looks to be beefier than mine. I see two rams on the bucket tilt, mine is a single ram. I'll get some pics to you. Jeff :tee:
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