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Rest-O-Ride seat

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I bought my first Ford this summer, a 1952 8N. Overall the tractor is in great shape. I noticed that the seat is different than all the other ones that I see. I found that I have a Rest-o-ride seat and don't know anything about it. Was it offered as a option from Ford or possibly added later on. All of the moving metal parts were welded solid by the previous owner. He told me the seat was no longer working right. Now I have to decide what to do, try and fix this seat, or replace it with a standard seat. What do you guys think?
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Minnbowhunter, I bought a old rusted worn out Rest-O-Ride on ebay for $27.00. It didn't look like this picture below. After searching for parts that was impossible to find. I come up with my own idea how to fix the seat. BTW. When you get it all rebuilt, I have a decal for

Here is a photo of my finish seat.

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Minnbowhunter, here is the location that you can get most of the Rest-0-Ride seat parts. Call Terry, or Clarice. Terry is the daughter, tell them what you have and they will help you. They are right in your neighborhood.
BTW. When you get it all rebuilt, I have a decal for

Do you have any more decals you are selling.

Thanks, Kirk

Kirk, I sent you a PM
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