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Requesting Tips on Carb for Echo Hedge Trimmer

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HCR 1500 Hedge Trimmer. Putting on a new carb. How many turns to open the screws on the new carb? In other words, a rough adjustment just to get the little pig running again? Thanks, gents. Hot Ajax. Don't send Private Messages. My mail box all #$%&'ed up. Thanks.
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One chain saw I have has those stupid "D" shaped carb adjustment screw heads..

I tried the solderless connector trick ,the screw was evidently secured with locktite ,because that wouldn't grip it firmly enough to turn it..

I ended up taking a hunk of 3/16" brake tubing I had kicking around and bent it to a 90 degree angle and I took a nail that fit snug in the tubing and ground down one side square on the bench grinder--then put it in the tubing and squished it ever so gently in the bench vise to make the "D" didn't fit perfect,but close enough to break the screw free and get the carb adjusted better..

I have tried using a dremel tool with a cut off wheel to cut slots in those screw's heads--but then they usually twist off on you when you go to move them !..carb is JUNK after that happens..:(
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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