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Requesting Tips on Carb for Echo Hedge Trimmer

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HCR 1500 Hedge Trimmer. Putting on a new carb. How many turns to open the screws on the new carb? In other words, a rough adjustment just to get the little pig running again? Thanks, gents. Hot Ajax. Don't send Private Messages. My mail box all #$%&'ed up. Thanks.
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I thought that Taryl had something n that topic...if he does...I did not find it...but I did come across this
also found this

most of those 2 cycle carbs require a special tool similar to, but not exactly a screwdriver to adjust the screws
what kind of a head is on the adjustment screws?
The new carb will have the limiters. If you can get the tool it will likely cost as much or more than the carb, they are not supposed to be sold to service shops or the end user.
I got a set of 4 different adjusters for about 7 dollars on was shipped within the US...there is a set of 8 on ebay from china for 2 dollars with free shipping....probably take about a month to get it
In the meantime you can jam a solderless, crimp type of wire connector ont the end of a screwdriver and use slips some, but it will work in a pinch
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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