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Requesting Tips on Carb for Echo Hedge Trimmer

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HCR 1500 Hedge Trimmer. Putting on a new carb. How many turns to open the screws on the new carb? In other words, a rough adjustment just to get the little pig running again? Thanks, gents. Hot Ajax. Don't send Private Messages. My mail box all #$%&'ed up. Thanks.
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I thought that Taryl had something n that topic...if he does...I did not find it...but I did come across this
also found this

most of those 2 cycle carbs require a special tool similar to, but not exactly a screwdriver to adjust the screws
what kind of a head is on the adjustment screws?
I don't know about the head. But I think the unit is so old it was made prior to the time that the EPA decided to make it difficult for the average Joe to adjust the carb. You can also buy Chinese made tools that fit most of these types of screws. Even if I have have to buy the special screw drivers, it's still cheaper than taking the unit to the mower shop, or worse yet, buying a new one. It doesn't really have that many hours on it, but it's well over 20 years old and never got a new carb.

Thanks for responding. Hot Ajax
GOOD NEWS guys. The new carb came with real screws. They are very small slotted screws but they are screws. Looks like a 2mm width screw. I bought a small screwdriver on ebay for 4 bucks. So "screw" the EPA with an "F". I think the really small screwdrivers might be called "electronics" screwdrivers. But the people selling the aftermarket carbs are at least nice enough to design the carb with a conventional screw.
The new carb will have the limiters. If you can get the tool it will likely cost as much or more than the carb, they are not supposed to be sold to service shops or the end user.
Roy: I understand, but the after market carbs are made in china, and I'm sure the Chinese aren't going to waste time on putting a weird screw in there when it's easier to put a conventional screw. Why would they care about our EPA?
I got it running, GREAT. The 2-turns-open rough adjustment just wouldn't work on this carb. I spent a good 20 minutes moving the screw about 1/8 of a turn at a time, in both directions, and give it a few pulls. Found the magic formula. Was a huge PITA. New spark plug really helped it start faster. But for less than 20 bucks, I saved my old hedge clipper and have it running in tip top shape. I got the carb from some place on ebay called THE ROP SHOP. Fast service, good product with conventional screws on the jets. I recommend this company highly, second purchase from them.

BTW, I've been buy VP Fuels 2-stroke oil and mixing it myself. Stuff burns really good and doesn't smell nearly as bad as the mother-in-law's farts. And very cheap at Wally World. I think it was 7 bucks to mix 12 gallons of 50:1.
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Glad you got it running. Isn't is such a good feeling to fix something on your own?

Thanks for the tip on the eBay seller too. I've dealt with some that are less than reputable to say the least, and it's nice to know someone woh isn't a pain to deal with.

I wish I could make mixed gas that cheap. Granted, I mix everything except my lawn-boys at 40:1 (regardless of what the manufacturer calls for) but $7 for 12 gallons and with a reputable oil company that's a heck of a deal. I hope you used non-ethanol gas or put sta-bil in so it don't go bad.
Yeah, sure is. Any of the good outdoor power equipment costs a minimum of $300, probably closer to $350. Hate to trash it over a $13 part.
The carb on your hedge trimmers seems similar to the one I just replaced on my husky string trimmer. I was about 1/2 turn out on the low speed mix screw and a full turn out on the high speed (from where they were set originally not fully seated) . Might help, might not, but a good place to get you in the ballpark. Regardless, if you can get it running out of the box that will make adjustments that much easier.

I'm not sure if you ordered an OEM part or a chinese knockoff but the aftermarket carbs always require a little tuning in my experience.
A Chinese knockoff. Saved me 50 bucks from buying an Echo OEM. Yay!!! I'll save the money!!
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