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I have a Charbroil propane gas grill that we have owned for 6 years. I recently purchased a Masterbuilt Gravity Series smoker that will do most of what the grill would do, but occasionally I still need the speed and quick cleanup of the propane grill.

I have kept a grill cover on the Charbroil the entire time we have owned it. Unfortunately the cover was not long enough to cover the wheels and very bottom of the cart cabinet and so rust set in over the rear wheels where I didn't see it because it was against the edge of the deck. When we were staining the deck last year, one of the rear casters fell off. Knowing I would be replacing it soon, I got the grill to a desired location and propped the rear up with a brick to get through the year.

Now that I'm looking at it, the actual grill is in very good condition. The burners need to be replaced, but the cart is the weak link. I've done some research but keep getting tied in with the "can I build my gas grill into an outdoor kitchen" folks. What I am proposing is building a cart out of pressure treated lumber, putting cement board on the top and tiling it, and using the same holes that hold the grill to the existing cart to mount it "hovering" an inch or so above the tiles using threaded rod, nuts, flat washers and thick rubber grommets like these. That way the grease tray would still be accessible from the rear and all ventilation would be retained.

Have any of you ever done/seen this done?

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