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Replacing hydraulic hose...what to use???

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I'm am replacing the hydraulic hoses that come of the oil cooler, wondering what type of hose I should be using. I assume a radiator hose won't hold up...
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I would be surprised if the oil going through the oil cooler was under high pressure, but someone correct me if I am wrong,, Even though, I would be tempted to have a hydro hose made up professionally just for safety and equipment sake.

Just for clarity, the pressure in the return system on these tractors will routinely run 200 PSI. A properly spec'd hydraulic return line hose stock will be rated to a min working pressure of 300 PSI.

This is not a 'high' pressure circuit which would require fabricated hoses.

Generally spec'd automotive heating/cooling hose will not hold up to hot oil flow ... often fail in a matter of hours.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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