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my old '78 sears 4/20 2-stage snowblower's tires are pretty well shot. no lugs left on them and the 60 +/- screws i put in each side are worn almost flat. (these are the old solid rubber tires by the way) each one has a single bolt through the 3/4" shaft and hub to hold everything on.

i'd like to replace them and not spend a small fortune doing it. i can't seem to find any wheels these days with the built in hubs.

overall measurements....

height= 9.25"
tire width=2.5"
hub width=3"

i don't have a whole lot more room for bigger tires either.

anyone have any ideas?


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Just an idea.....old time Gilson snow blowers had the hard rubber tires with agricultural treads. The guys up on the Gilson Snow Blower yahooforums had found a source for replacements for them last fall. By now, the forum admins might even be making them in their back sheds. Might be worth checking in with them up there.

I've also seen some listed in the Surplus Center catalogs (

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I saw a box full of solid rubber tires at the swap meet/pull the other day,no rims on them though--looked like they fit 6" rims?..they were AG tread and had lugs in the center to grip the rims,so those solid tires must be replaceable..

I remember putting on some solid rubber 20" tires on cranberry carts,that were just like a kids tricycle tire--the manufacturer supplied a hard plastic "spoon" to put them on the rim,you first had to soak the tire in boiling water for about ten minutes to get it pliable enough to get it on the rim!...had to use a single edge razor blade to slash the old tire several times until it came off too...wasn't the most "fun" job I ever had!...
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