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OK, so now Momma has taken control of what was my new tractor but, as usual, she ain't happy and you all know the old saw about ... if Momma ain't happy ... Well the problem is that even with the seat all the way forward her stubby little legs don't work the HST peddle easily and she has to stretch. Since stretchin' is a form of work, and we all know what our wives think about work, she wanted me to move the seat forward even more. I unbolted the thing and drilled some new holes, installed a couple of tabs in back to hit the springs and said "have at it". No joy! now I can't get it back far enough to use it myself!
Now for the $64 question, is there a replacement seat available that is comfortable, relatively inexpensive, and that has sufficient adjustment that both of us can use it! I'd hate to have to buy another tractor just so I could have some fun! Thanks!
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