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replacement engine

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hi all, i have an ariens 8hp snow thrower with engine problems,
where can i find a decent replacement that will not break the bank.
it has the hmsk80 tecumseh on it now. and i hear they are hard to get parts
for? it is an 1998 yr engine. got a quote for 525.00 for a new tecumseh installed good price?
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the PO hasnt yet answered "what kind of engine problems" I have had so many ieces of equip with "problems" that I have gotten cheap and fixed easily.. he may be able to do the same.

and I for one am going to avoid buying Chinese engines as long as possible by finding used Briggs and Tecumsehs and fixing/rebuilding them til I can't any longer; though I have read some stories of the clones being "OK" the idea of "clone" +Chinese =at least as hard to get parts for as the oldies if not harder, and most certianly a throw a way for thr simplest of issues.
There are already a bunch of people here ready and willing to help you. If you have already replaced your motor let us know. It's good etiquette on forums to report the outcome of your problem instead of leaving it up in the air.

If not, post a picture or more info about the problem with the original motor and I'm pretty sure you will get a ton of help. Repairing small engines is something we do because we for some sick reason enjoy it. I think I get more satisfaction from taking a non functioning piece of equipment and fixing it than I do from actually using it. As a matter of fact, sometimes after I fix something I have to sell it because it has no value to me when running. I only value some things broken so that I can fix them.
yeah if it runs that is 9/10 of the issue and almost certain proof that you dont need an engine replacement. Does it smoke?? I'd bet its just a carb or maybe governor linkage issue. I would not replace the engine just for that; are their adjustments on that carb?
the HM Series Tecumseh goes way back into the 70s; is it popping/backfiring? It would not run well IF AT ALL if it had a bad exh valve. If you know anyone with a valve grinder (even local auto machine shop) if that is true that isnt an expensive fix even if you do hafta replace the valve. You shoutd be able to regrind that one and lap it in, then grind the stem to get the stem clearance back; unless the seat is loonse;
what are ya talking about, 1998 is not an old engine at all!!!! I have many 60s-70s ones that are still going strong.
was told that they are hard to get parts for,and it would backfire only when
i pushed throttle down fast.
the shop obviously didnt want the job.... they lied about hard to get parts for; the backfiring when throttling down could be a blown out muffler
or could be a simple carb issue; either adjustment or a cleanout.
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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